Shop Update & Answering Interest Check Questions

Hello hello! I’m writing this blog post to answer the questions I received in the interest check I have put up a few weeks ago and I thought I might as well write out how I started drawing these chibis and made the decision to sell these art as fan merch. °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

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Custom Acrylic Standees!

Just like the titles says. I tried to make some fan merch! While I made acrylic keychains before, this actually my first time to make standees so this blog post serves to show off some pictures and me giving feedback to the local supplier trendyfyph (their IG account)who printed the acrylic and stuff!

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ラディアンテイル Otome Game Review

I actually didn’t plan to write a review for Radiant Tale. Like I just planned to play quickly, tell my thoughts privately to friends to let them decide if they want the game or not and move on to the next game. But after playing, I came to love the characters a lot more than I expected so I want to quickly write my thoughts as a remembrance to look back to whenever I feel like it.

Without a doubt, this game is great and cute and wonderful but like any other games there are both good and bad parts. So I just want to write those out for people who are still wavering whether to try the game or not.

Same warnings as usual. There may be spoilers so skip to the Art section or Final Thoughts section to skip those if you just want to hear my final thoughts and think whether to try out the game yourself or not. I did made a short summary of their world setting and characters before I talk more details about the character individual routes so feel free to read those.

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ラディアンテイル Song Collection Translation

I am currently in Radiant Tale boom now. After playing the game, I had the song collection especially the opening in loop. Thankfully, the people who did the music GENIC PALLET has the full version songs available online and then seeing the lyrics, I just want to translate because the lyrics are so lovely!

I only translated the opening song for now. But I would want to try translate the 2 ending songs when I can because the lyrics are just so wonderful!

Please do not repost my translations anywhere else! Please link back to this site if you want to share. (ノ゜▽゜)

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ACNH Happy Home Paradise Diary Blog #1

I’m having too much fun with the new Animal Crossing New Horizons DLC Happy Home Paradise. I took so much pictures and I want to share but don’t wanna clump up my twitter media so I’ll just compile my fave shots in blog posts! According to game, I have already designed like 20 homes already so I should upload my photos before more photos would fill my memory card. ( ᐛ )و I’ll also write some personal tips and advice in between for those who want fashionable rooms!!

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終遠のヴィルシュ -ErroR:salvation- Otome Game Review

画像1/7>オトメイトの新作『終遠のヴィルシュ』出演声優が判明 - 電撃オンライン

I actually wasn’t planning to write a review for Shuuen no Virche but I was kind of stuck in bed sick the past few days. I can’t draw as I planned to and I don’t feel like playing the next otoge in my backlog so I was only able to write out my thoughts in phone in bed when I can’t sleep. I could have replay my fave routes in Virche to pass time but I kind of want to savor this feeling of happy post depression you get after completing a good game. And because I yet to can really rant with friends since most of friends are still playing so I could only rant to myself here haha. I decided to skip over my thoughts on each characters (since I will will obviously procrastinate when writing about each characters www) and just jump straight to my thoughts on art, music, story and final thoughts. I decided to write this post spoiler-free so feel free to read whole post.

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Olympia Soirée Theme SONGS Translation

I’m in the mood to translate stuff and I had some translation notes of my fave lyrics lines from the songs in Orasowa. So might as well go back to my roots of translating songs and learning Japanese like I did years before! ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

Do consider buying the Olympia Soirée Theme Songs CD that contains the full version of the opening and the 2 ending songs and their instrumentals to support the creators!

Amazon JP | Amazon Music | Animate JP | Stellaworth

Please do not repost my translations anywhere else! Please link back to this site if you want to share. (ノ゜▽゜)

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LoverPretend Otome Game Review

When was the last time I immediately write a review after completing a game rather than procrastinate for months then only then do I write review? (*≧▽≦) That’s just how much I came to love LoverPretend. To be honest, I initially bought this game pretty much last minute just for the sake of it and thought it might be nice to do a romcom otoge with absolutely no fantasy/history or the sorts once in a while. And while there were some serious topics touched, it is still ultimately a light-hearted game and I never thought how much I needed some light-heartedness after some depressing irl issues. So I just feel so happy after completing the game and just wanted to share my happiness and thoughts of the game! ^^ I still think there are some rather negative issues that must be said and that’s the point of a review right? Anyway, let’s go!!

Of course, the same old warnings. There will be spoilers so you may skip to the art section or final thoughts if you wanna avoid and just want to hear my thoughts and debate whether to try out the game yourself or not!(=´∇`=)

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Café Enchanté Il Fado de Rie 2020 Birthday SS Translation

This is my fan translation of the official Il’s Birthday Short Story from last year posted in Otomate’s blog. I’ve actually been wanting to translate this SS since I read this after finishing the game months ago and decided Il’s birthday would be the perfect time to translate! This short story made me bawl so much and I just love Il and this short story too much. I feel bad for not owning any Il merch despite my love for the fallen angel so I thought this translation would a good contribution for his birthday. So please enjoy and suffer with me to anyone who is willing to read this. 。゚ヽ(゚´Д`)ノ゚。

Warning. There is some slight spoilers for those who yet to finish Il’s route in the game so read at your own risk.

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