It’s been months since I played this game but apparently Dairoku is to be localized to the west and I may as well as voice out my opinions and review of this game for my friends who have yet to play this.

Since it has been months, there are some parts of the routes I may not remember well. (This just means the game didn’t left any lasting impressions because of the mediocrity unfortunately.) But I will try to write out what I do remember and the final thoughts I have of each characters and components of Dairoku.

I heard bad reviews of the game and seen the horrible looking backgrounds and cgs. But I found a cheap second hand copy of the game and I really do love the artist Suoh’s character designs and I saw a friend still fairly enjoyed it so I thought I might as well try it out. There may be spoilers (not THAT much really because I more or less forgot…. sorry…) so skip to the art section if you want to avoid.

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My Thoughts on Recent Otoge Localizations

I’ve been thinking for the whole night after Askys’s recent announcement on the new 3 otoge localizations. Whenever some kind of thing is happening around the western side of the otoge fandom whether it’s some new drama or arguments, I just try to avoid and talk privately with friends. But then really so much has happened for 2020 and the new otoge localizations announcements took a big toll on me so I just wanna write out my thoughts. I’m not sure if I can properly convey my thoughts since I’m still in shock. I probably will write out stuff people might find uncomfortable or maybe even offensive. So you’re free to read this blog post or not. If you did read this and wanna retaliate my opinions, you’re more than free to do so. Just let me say out my side of the argument.

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明治活劇 ハイカラ流星組 -成敗しませう、世直し稼業- Otome Game Review

Meiji Katsugeki Haikara Ryuuseigumi Wallpaper #2710469 - Zerochan Anime  Image Board

The moment Otomate announced this game last year Otopa, it immediately went to my pre-order list. The art is gorgeous and the catchy OP by Alfakyun and simple mystery story set in the Meiji era took my interest. While I never really played the past games by the team Ichi Column, I heard from my friends that they still like the games they did previously so I didn’t have that much doubt when pre-ordering the LE. So when the game is out and all these negative Amazon reviews popping out, let’s just say I was really anxious. But since I’ve already bought the game, I will judge for myself since those reviews are not 100% accurate from my past game experiences. (Looks at Charade Maniacs and Roroali)

And after 58 hours, I’ve finished the game and decided to write out my thoughts so to give more data to consider to those who still debating whether to get this game or not. So here’s the review! There may be slight spoilers so maybe skip to Art or Final Thoughts sections!

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Ritsuki’s Top 5 Otome Games for Japanese Beginners/Learning

With the recent fiasco about the horrible English localization of console otome games, I thought this would be a good opportunity for me to recommend to people to take this chance to learn Japanese and play console otome games from its original source rather than waiting for English localization of games that’ll probably never come.

I’ll try to write out the merits and demerits of each game as much as I can so anyway, here we go!

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My Adventure in Japan (March 22~May 31)

I want to record the stuff I did and places I went to in Japan during my stay here for a year. So I might update with a blog post once every 2 to 3 months. Most of places I’ve gone to are otome-related which I will state with an asterisk (*). But other than that, I’ve also been to other tourist places which I’ll just post some pictures of. So let’s get started shall we? (。´∀`)ノ

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ピオフィオーレの晩鐘 Otome Game Review


There’s lots of mixed reviews for this game, Piofiore no Banshou. And I don’t think a review/opinion from someone like me who’s not very good with words would affect other people’s judgement on whether they should try out this game or not but I want to at least write out my thoughts. ^^

So even before buying the game, I’m quite interested in this game when I watched its first Promotional Movie. I mean I like European settings and Italy is a beautiful country. And who does not like Italian mafia setting? xD So luckily I managed to buy a cheap second-handed copy during my trip to Japan. Which a part of me slightly regrets because after finishing this game, I would have wanted the limited edition instead with the pretty box art and drama cds! Haha… so here we go, review (well opinion maybe) coming up and of course there will be spoilers so please jump to the art section to those who want to avoid it!

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