My Adventure in Japan (March 22~May 31)

I want to record the stuff I did and places I went to in Japan during my stay here for a year. So I might update with a blog post once every 2 to 3 months. Most of places I’ve gone to are otome-related which I will state with an asterisk (*). But other than that, I’ve also been to other tourist places which I’ll just post some pictures of. So let’s get started shall we? (。´∀`)ノ

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ピオフィオーレの晩鐘 Otome Game Review


There’s lots of mixed reviews for this game, Piofiore no Banshou. And I don’t think a review/opinion from someone like me who’s not very good with words would affect other people’s judgement on whether they should try out this game or not but I want to at least write out my thoughts. ^^

So even before buying the game, I’m quite interested in this game when I watched its first Promotional Movie. I mean I like European settings and Italy is a beautiful country. And who does not like Italian mafia setting? xD So luckily I managed to buy a cheap second-handed copy during my trip to Japan. Which a part of me slightly regrets because after finishing this game, I would have wanted the limited edition instead with the pretty box art and drama cds! Haha… so here we go, review (well opinion maybe) coming up and of course there will be spoilers so please jump to the art section to those who want to avoid it!

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ハイリゲンシュタットの歌 Otome Game Review


I’m sorry for dreading this for like more than a month late. I am a master of procrastinating so forgive me and I swore to finish writing this before the OST comes out. Which is freaking today the day I post this. Anyway let’s get this review started!!

I’ll be honest. When Extend first announced this game, I wasn’t really THAT interested despite the music theme of the game and the art style kinda bothered me at first. Also the fact that it’s from a company that I never tried one of its works from. So I plan to wait for reviews and buy and play the game depending on it. But then I found out from Yanagi Nagi’s twitter that she did the opening of this game and when I listened to it, boom I am in love. Then I went to the official site to check on more details and listened to the sample bgm and boom I am dead. That is just how much beautiful the music in this game is. It has to be good since it is a music themed game but still I was pleasantly surprised. And at that time extend uploaded play movies in their youtube and I am much more curious about the game, I immediately pre-ordered the limited edition from Animate and I had no regrets. So anyway review (mostly me ranting on how cute each character is) incoming and of course there would be spoilers. So skip to the art section for my final thoughts of the game.

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剣が君 for V Otome Game Review

1.jpgSo I borrowed Ken ga Kimi for V otome game with a friend. To be honest, I have always been wanting to try kgk since I’ve heard great reviews about it. But maybe because of the historical theme of the game, it drew a line for me. I somewhat kinda like have this love-hate thing going on with Japanese history. I don’t really like the Sengoku era because of war and blood and killing people, hard kanji etc other reasons. But then I also find the graceful and beautiful wafu atmosphere in Japan history to be something that must be appreciated. Like a samurai’s honor and pride and how one-of-a-kind the traditions and folklore there are and also because of the hard kanji that it’s unique and beautiful. And I’m so glad that Ken ga Kimi displayed wonderfully the beauty of Federal Japan. Anyway what I want to say is that while I do dislike Japanese history, I also love it. I’m not making much sense here I know let’s just go to the review….. Anyway of course there would be spoilers written.

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Ritsuki’s Top 10 Otome Game Openings

I don’t feel like I could finish Shiro to Kuro no Alice and review it any time soon and I want to update more in this blog so I’m going to introduce my Top 10 fave otome game openings!! And to be honest, this is just something I wanted to do for a long time now haha.

Because I want to have a job concerning otome games in the future and a design student, I’ll get picky with the song used, how the video is designed etc etc. So I’ll rate each opening based on Song and Graphics(Video Transitions).

Also I’ll only choose the games that I have played only so if there is an opening that is so good and it’s not in this list, high chance is that I never played the game. Also it’s alright if you don’t agree with me in this list. It’s just my opinion. I’m only doing this just for fun!! I’d be quite happy if there’s anyone willing to 語り合う with me concerning these openings though www!!

Warning! This is not a list of my fave otome games but a list of my fave otome games OPENINGS. Just because this certain game is mentioned in the list doesn’t mean it’s a good game in my opinion.

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Hello. I’m Ritsuki. I’d like to share some news here.

This October, I’ll officially be studying university in Japan! I’ll admit I am scared as heck going to a new country but this is a step to achieve my dream.

This is why I’m making this blog to write up my adventures in Japan soon and post my drawings and designs. Hopefully making this a good way to advertise myself when I’m going to open commissions soon because I want to at least provide the money for the house rent (and games) myself. My parents already did a lot listening to my selfish request of letting me study in Japan and provide the school expenses. Of course, I’ll also try to find part-time job when I get to Japan.

Also, as an avid otome game player, I’ll sometimes post reviews of the games I played as well. And maybe if I have time, make reviews of the game I played before.

I hope to make this blog a good way to motivate myself and express my thoughts. Thank you for reading and welcome to Ritsuki’s Hitorigoto Blog!!